Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province
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Donate Monthly or One Time to the Ancient Forest Alliance!

August 20, 2010

Donate Monthly or One Time to the Ancient Forest Alliance!

Perhaps the most effective way you can support the Ancient Forest Alliance financially is through our new monthly giving program, involving automatic deductions each month from your bank account (provide us with a cheque marked “void” and fill-in the form) or through a credit card. Your monthly support will provide our new organization with the stable funding base needed for budgeting and sustaining a viable campaign over the long-term that can continue to broaden public support to the massive levels needed to successfully protect our remaining endangered old-growth forests and forestry jobs.

***Please donate monthly by:

CREDIT CARD. Contact the Ancient Forest Alliance at 250-896-4007 or e-mail to arrange a time for the AFA to call you.
VOID CHEQUE. Simply visit to print off a donation form; then fill out the form and mail it in along with your cheque marked “VOID”

Whatever amount you can afford, whether it’s $5 a month or $50 per month, we can assure you that YOUR support with the Ancient Forest Alliance will go farthest with us. We are the BUSIEST major environmental group with the least funding right now! YOU can help us make this a sustainable and successful organization by supporting us each month.

Of course, you can also donate ONE TIME online with your credit card at:

Or you can MAIL in your cheque (made out to “Ancient Forest Alliance”) to:

Ancient Forest Alliance
706 Yates Street
PO Box 8459
Victoria, BC V8W 3S1

See our full funding appeal at:

Currently we need funds to:
- Print 100,000 copies of a new educational newsletter that will go into “swing ridings” in BC that will exert disproportionate pressure on the BC Liberal government to change their generally backwards forest policies. This will cost $5000 for the printing alone and thousands more for its distribution.
- Undertake expeditions into endangered ancient forests on Vancouver Island and elsewhere to document their beauty and their destruction with professional photography and video.
- Organize Days of Action in swing ridings and key population centers of BC.
- Establish new Ancient Forest Committees (activism teams) in swing ridings in BC that exert a disproportionate amount of pressure on the BC Liberal government.
- Build vital support among businesses, faith groups, unions, and First Nations.

Since its inception in January of this year, the Ancient Forest Alliance has been more active and effective per dollar received than virtually any other environmental group. With a shoe-string budget just a fraction the size of other organizations, we have been working hard to build the campaign and movement to protect BC’s endangered ancient forests. In just 7 months, we have:

- Lead hundreds of hikers through the ancient forests of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland
- Undertaken numerous expeditions to explore and document endangered old-growth stands and their destruction.
- Created new online resources (including photo galleries of the biggest trees and stumps found during our expeditions, maps of old-growth forest loss, etc)
- Organized slideshow presentations, rallies, and protests involving hundreds of people
- Met with important stakeholders and decision-makers, including politicians and tourism businesses.
- Helped to empower and train teams of new activists in key areas of influence
- Launched numerous letter-writing action alerts and petition drives to empower thousands of people to express their concerns to the BC Liberal government.
- Reached millions of citizens in BC and across Canada via scores of media articles in newspapers and magazines, on radio stations, and on TV

You can see a lot of what we’ve done at:

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Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

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