Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province
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PLEASE make a PLEDGE to support the Ancient Forest Alliance

June 4, 2010

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Pedal Powered Tour riders Darcy McCord, Adam Hoogaveen, and Tom Fortington along the straight stretch leading into Port Renfrew.
Photo by TJ Watt

From June 3 to 6, a team of cyclists organized by Victoria resident Tom Fortington will be riding 260 kilometers to the biggest trees in Canada near Port Renfrew to raise funds and awareness for the Ancient Forest Alliance!

Please Sponsor a Rider!

Email them at with your name and the amount you want to pledge.

After the ride, donate the amount of your pledge directly to the Ancient Forest Alliance (contact info below). Help the new organization raise its core funds and take the campaign to save BC’s endangered old-growth forests and forestry jobs to a whole new level.

***Meet the Cyclists in the Coastal Kitchen Café on Saturday in Port Renfrew!

As a part of the tour, Tom Fortington and his fellow cyclists will make a stop at the Coastal Kitchen Café in Port Renfrew on Saturday. Everyone is welcome to go to the café at 2:30 pm on Saturday to meet the cyclists, along with AFA forest campaigner TJ Watt.


At only a dollar per self-propelled kilometre, you can help support one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic environmental organizations in BC.

Choose one of three sponsorship levels (or donate any other amount):

$60 gets a rider as far as Duncan

$160 is a good incentive to get over the mountains and down to the magnificent old-growth forest at Port Renfrew

$260 sponsors a rider on the full Big Tree Tour. This includes stops at the San Juan Spruce, Avatar Grove, and Refugee Tree, then returning to Victoria along the challenging coastal highway

See more info on their website at:

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Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

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