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The Ancient Forest Alliance works to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and to ensure a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry.

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An aerial view of Nootka Island.

The ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown

The Nuchatlaht First Nations are fighting a historic land rights claim in Canada — and they are using ancient trees and famed British explorer Captain Cook's journal to help make their case.
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A photo of the Incomappleux Valley, east of Revelstoke.

Rare swath of B.C. rainforest set aside for permanent protection

The province has committed to protecting the still-intact swaths of rare interior temperate rainforest in the Incomappleux Valley east of Revelstoke in a deal brokered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
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Lobaria Lichen

Lobaria lichens play a crucial role in forest ecology. They are able to accomplish the rare feat of fixing atmospheric nitrogen—an essential nutrient for plant growth, though almost no organisms are able to extract it from the air. These lichens mine this precious nutrient from the atmosphere and when they fall to the forest floor and decay, that nitrogen is made available to the entire ecosystem.
A mossy big leaf maple tree with licorice ferns growing along its trunk and branches.

Licorice Ferns

The licorice fern is a dainty forest dweller primarily found growing on mossy rock faces and the trunks and mossy branches of old-growth trees, sometimes hundreds of feet above the ground in the forest canopy.

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The photos you see on this website were captured by AFA Photographer, Campaigner, and Co-Founder, TJ Watt. TJ has been photographing both the beauty and destruction of BC’s old-growth forests for over a decade now and his images play a vital role in making these remote areas visually accessible for people across the globe.