In summer 2021, the AFA explored the stunning ancient forests along the shores of Vernon Bay in Barkley Sound in Uchucklesaht and Tseshaht First Nations territory and measured monumental redcedar trees up to 12 feet (3.7 metres) in diameter. The forests here are filled with lush ferns, giant trees, and a large number of culturally modified trees.

Despite the area’s significance, the BC government granted Interfor approval for 33 cutblocks for a total of 55 hectares in rare, intact ancient forests, which are at imminent risk of being logged, despite some stands now being identified by the province for immediate deferral. Unless the local First Nations and the province immediately enact deferrals, these lush ancient rainforests could turn into a patchwork of ugly clearcuts.

Speak up now! Demand the BC government commit conservation funding to support Indigenous-led protection of at-risk old-growth by sending a message. See our media release for further details.

A map showcasing the approved logging cutblocks (red) and recommended deferral areas (blue). Many of the groves along the coast are recommended for protection. The red blocks within the lime green are in a ‘non-legal’ Old-Growth Management Area, the result of a legal loophole that allows old-growth forests that have been identified for protection to still be logged.