Parthenon Grove east of Prince George in the Upper Fraser Valley is one of the most magnificent old-growth forests that we’ve ever seen! This is a globally significant 10 km-long track of valley-bottom old-growth redcedars unlike any remaining stands of Inland Temperate Rainforest that we know of. Most of this type of stand exists in much smaller fragments on more rugged terrain. While some of it is protected in Old Growth Management Areas, there are various “holes” in the protection that have excluded some of the finest and largest ancient cedars from protection. This area is also a very important wintering area for the highly endangered Mountain Caribou, an old-growth dependent ungulate that has dwindled to 1300 individuals when tens of thousands or more once roamed BC’s inland rainforest.

Ancient Forest Alliance campaigners Andrea Inness, Ken Wu, TJ Watt, and Tiara Dhenin were lucky enough to have been guided by local conservationist Hugh Perkins to explore and photograph this magnificent grove!