Economic Valuation of Old Growth Forests on Vancouver Island

This economic study, conducted by environmental consulting firm ESSA Technologies and co-authored by Simon Fraser University associate professor Duncan Knowler, reveals old-growth forests are worth more standing than logged when considering the many economic benefits their ecosystem services provide.

Fairy Creek Old-Growth Forest Report

A report by Jim Pojar, PhD, RPBio, Senior Ecologist (Ecological Society of America) about old-growth, carbon, biodiversity, and Fairy Creek near Port Renfrew in Pacheedaht territory.

A New Future For Old Forests

In September 2020, the BC government finally released its independent Old Growth Strategic Review panel’s report, ‘A New Future for Old Forests’, which provides a blueprint for a complete paradigm shift in forest management in BC, putting ecosystem health ahead of the forest industry’s interests. The report distills feedback from thousands of British Columbians into 14 comprehensive recommendations, including immediate measures to protect the BC’s endangered old-growth ecosystems and legislated, science-based protection of old-growth.

BC’s Old Growth Forest: A Last Stand For Biodiversity

Prepared by a group of independent scientists, who previously worked for the provincial government, BC’s Old Growth Forest: A Last Stand For Biodiversity, reveals the critical state of the province’s ancient temperate rainforests. With only a tiny fraction of BC’s original, highly productive old-growth forests remaining, many ecosystem types across the province face high risk to biodiversity, resilience and ecosystem integrity. In light of these findings, the researchers, the Ancient Forest Alliance, and other conservation groups are calling for the BC government to immediately halt logging in endangered old-growth forest ecosystems and intact ‘hotspots’.

Old-Growth Protection Act

Prepared for the Ancient Forest Alliance, the report, An Old Growth Protection Act for British Columbia, reviews the current framework and problems with the current system. It makes recommendations for retaining old growth based on the best available science, phasing out logging according to risk and establishing a system of old growth reserves.

Natural Lands Acquisition Fund

In a report prepared for the Ancient Forest Alliance, the UVic Environmental Law Centre (ELC) is calling on the Province to establish an annual $40 million Natural Lands Acquisition Fund to purchase and protect endangered ecosystems on private lands.

Mount Horne Waterfall

Pop for Parks

Following a growing movement of support across municipalities, recreation groups and environmental groups for a provincial land acquisition fund, this report outlines one of the ways the government could partially fund such a program. Environmental Lawyer Erin Grey produced the report on behalf of the Ancient Forest Alliance, analyzing the AFA’s proposed Pop for Parks program, which would see unredeemed bottle deposits redirected to the purchase and protection of private lands with high conservation values.