In the summer of 2017, Ancient Forest Alliance campaigners visited the Ancient Forest Trail east of Prince George and the then recently established Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park in the northern reaches of the Inland Temperate Rainforest.

This amazing rainforest of old-growth redcedars in the Upper Fraser Valley off Highway 16, was protected through a stellar, broad-based campaign led by a collaborative effort of the local Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Society, scientists at the University of Northern BC, and local environmental activists with the Dome Creek Forest Information Committee, with the support of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation. Their campaign was smart and wise – they sought to enlist the support of a wide cross-section of people and organizations, including businesses and the local Rotary Club, far beyond the echo-chamber base of already dedicated environmental activists who normally support such efforts. Of particular note was the incredibly comprehensive and high-quality boardwalk they’ve been building since 2006 (and are still building in sections!!) to protect the understory and tree roots and to enhance public access to this special old-growth forest. They really did an impressive job!

The result was the protection of several of the finest stands of Inland Temperate Rainforest on Earth! Thanks to the relentless, humble champion of the campaign, Nowell Senior, for taking the AFA campaigners Andrea Inness, Ken Wu, TJ Watt, and Tiara Dhenin on a tour of the area, as well as David Connell for his hospitality and organization, Darwyn Coxson for his insights, and Hugh Perkins and Kathy Juncker for guiding us further!