Are you passionate about old-growth forest conservation?

The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to protecting the remarkable and endangered old-growth forests in BC while ensuring a sustainable, second-growth forestry industry. We specialize in public education and mobilization, building alliances with key allies, on-the-ground exploration and documentation of old-growth forests, research, and engaging governments to achieve policy change for BC’s ancient forests. By joining the AFA at this pivotal time, you can be a driver of the new policies that will determine the fate of the remaining endangered old-growth forests in BC.

NOW HIRING: Vancouver Canvass Director

The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is seeking a dedicated Canvass Director to drive our fundraising and awareness-raising efforts in the Greater Vancouver Region.

We’re hiring door canvassers in Victoria!

Ancient Forest Alliance is hiring enthusiastic and self-motivated door canvassers to support our campaign through outreach and fundraising in Victoria, BC.

Now Hiring Door Canvassers in Victoria

The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is British Columbia’s foremost charitable organization focused solely on old-growth forest protection. Built on grassroots outreach and fundraising, we rely on stellar fundraisers to sustain our campaigns and have a strong track record of success over our 12-year history as a result. Our sights are set on achieving province-wide legislation to protect old-growth forests in BC and to ensure a sustainable second-growth forestry industry.

To achieve our goals, we’re hiring Door Canvassers to work in Victoria.* Our door-to-door outreach has never been more crucial. An immense amount of public pressure has presented a window of opportunity to save our ancient forests. We need your help to empower citizens to speak out against clearcut old-growth logging, while also driving critical fundraising for our campaigns.

Apply now to join our team of environmentally-conscious people to help raise funds and awareness about endangered old-growth forests and forestry jobs in BC. This job is great for part or full-time post-secondary students and those seeking full or part-time employment. We offer a flexible schedule, performance-based wages and canvassing hours are Monday–Thursday, 4:00 pm–8:30 pm.

How to Apply

To apply in Victoria, complete the application form (linked below) or contact AFA’s Canvass Director Nadia at: [email protected].

*Note that our Vancouver canvass team is currently suspended until further notice. Please check back for updates on canvasser and canvass director recruitment for the Vancouver team.​

“Canvassing for the AFA has not only opened my eyes but it has also taught me a whole lot about myself, how to become more outgoing and how to engage people with a difficult topic. So far it has been one of the best experiences I have made in my life and I am happy to be able to use what I have learned moving forward.”

Carmen Boehlig

Victoria Canvass Team

“Canvassing for AFA has been an amazing way for me to engage with my community about the issues of old growth logging, conservation, and sustainable forestry, which are all issues close to my heart. Canvassing is also a great way to develop communication skills and gain experience in the non-profit world. Plus, you get to work with the coolest people!”

Cassandra Buunk

Victoria Canvass Team

“I had a great time working with the AFA; I learned a lot about people! Enjoyed the small tight knit group and met some amazing friends, both canvassers and those at the door. I was able to work flexible hours, received a good commission. Had my ear to the ground with an issue I care about. Highly recommend for anyone with an adventurous spirit.”


Victoria Canvass Team

“Canvassing has drastically improved my confidence in public speaking and my ability to engage meaningfully with people in all contexts. I’ve met hundreds of locals, learned from them, and grown personally from my experiences. Nothing beats the rush or sense of accomplishment after a successful night of canvassing for an important cause.”

Tiara Dhenin

Research & Engagement Officer,
Former Victoria Canvass Team Member

Volunteer with the AFA!

Interested in helping out? Below are some ways you can get involved in the campaign to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure sustainable forestry in the province! To volunteer, please contact [email protected] and let us know whether you are in Victoria, Vancouver, or elsewhere, and if there are any specific volunteer positions that interest you.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Grassroots Petition Outreach

Help us reach 57,000 petition signatures and beyond by collecting signatures from friends, co-workers, neighbours, and the general public!

Grassroots Newsletter Outreach

Distribute our latest educational newsletters in cafes, libraries, community centres and other locations to help spread the word!

Third Party Fundraiser

Organize your own fundraiser for the AFA, such as a yard sale, bottle drive, music event – or a fundraiser as a musician, artist or local business!

Occasional Volunteer Opportunites

Event Promotions– Postering

Put up posters to help promote larger events to the public.

Event Support

Help out before, during and after AFA events such as slideshows, forums and rallies.

Administrative Support

Lend a hand to our admin team at our Victoria office helping with tasks such as data entry and filing. Volunteer position available as needed.

Boardwalk Construction

Join one of our work parties at the Avatar Grove. Volunteers must be in good physical condition to do the work, act safely, responsibly and respectfully without exception. Activities may include carrying heavy boardwalk planks, bucketing gravel, using hand tools, digging soil, moving rocks, etc. as well as having fun!

Material Prep

Help fold cards and newsletters for mailouts and distributions.

Event Promotions – Phone Canvassing

Call supporters to invite them to upcoming events.

Special Skill Opportunities

If you have experience in areas such as design, mapping, scientific research or other relevant fields and would like to contribute your time to help the AFA when needed, get in touch with [email protected] and specify how you are interested in helping.