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The Ancient Forest Alliance works to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and to ensure a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry.

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Fawn Lily

A graceful straight stem, curving elegantly at the top like a tiny streetlamp with beams of golden light spilling down — the fawn lily is such a picturesque beauty, that once seen, it will never be forgotten.

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We’d like to take the opportunity to extend a massive thank you to the following businesses for recently supporting the old-growth campaign.
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International Day of Forests: Conservation groups alarmed that BC is backsliding on Old-Growth Forest Policy Progress

AFA and EEA are concerned the BC government is backsliding on its previous policy progress to ensure a paradigm shift in the management of old-growth forests in BC.
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Thank you for helping us surpass our 14th birthday goal!

Thank you for celebrating Ancient Forest Alliance's 14th birthday and helping us raise $16,427 for the old-growth campaign!

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The photos you see on this website were captured by AFA Photographer, Campaigner, and Co-Founder, TJ Watt. TJ has been photographing both the beauty and destruction of BC’s old-growth forests for over a decade now and his images play a vital role in making these remote areas visually accessible for people across the globe.