BC Old-Growth Policy Update Adds Little To Current Commitments

The BC government has released an old-growth policy update outlining their plans to address the recommendations in the Old Growth Strategic Review. Here's our take.

Conservationists locate and climb the largest Sitka spruce tree in BC’s famed Carmanah Valley

Spectacular drone footage and photos reveal climbers more than 20 stories in the air in the “hydra-like” canopy of an old-growth Sitka spruce, highlighting the incredible grandeur of old-growth forests in British Columbia during Earth Week.

International Day of Forests: Conservation groups alarmed that BC is backsliding on Old-Growth Forest Policy Progress

AFA and EEA are concerned the BC government is backsliding on its previous policy progress to ensure a paradigm shift in the management of old-growth forests in BC.

Endangered Ecosystems Alliance executive director, Ken Wu, stands in a blue jacket amongst the spectacular yet unprotected ancient forests of the Mossome Grove near Port Renfrew in Pacheedaht territory.

BC Opens the Door for a Potential Paradigm Shift in Conservation

Conservationists say the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework (BEHF) could ensure a major paradigm shift to safeguard the most endangered and least protected ecosystems, such as big-treed old-growth forests, if done correctly.

Ancient Forest Alliance photographer & campaigner, TJ Watt, beside an enormous old-growth Sitka spruce growing unprotected west of Lake Cowichan in Ditidaht territory.

Billion-dollar BC Nature Agreement will Supercharge Protected Areas Expansion across the Province

Together, the federal and BC governments have provided $1.1 billion to go toward achieving BC’s 30% by 2030 nature protection, conservation, and restoration goals via First Nations conservation agreements.

Endangered Ecosystems Alliance Executive Director, Ken Wu, stands beside a giant Sitka spruce tree in an old-growth forest west of Lake Cowichan in Ditidaht territory.

BC Launches Vital Conservation Financing Mechanism to Protect Old-Growth Forests and Ecosystems

Conservationists give thanks to Premier Eby for fulfilling a key commitment on the path to protecting old-growth forests in BC.

Ancient Forests Under Threat After Being Missed for Logging Deferral Due to Government Data Errors

Ancient Forest Alliance is highlighting the urgent need for the BC government to proactively identify what are likely thousands of hectares of at-risk old-growth forests that were missed during the deferral process due to forest inventory errors.

Conservation Groups Urge BC Government to Hurry Up and Close Gaps in Old-Growth Protection

On the three-year anniversary of the BC government’s acceptance of the Old-Growth Strategic Review Panel’s 14 recommendations to ensure a “paradigm shift” in the conservation and management of old-growth forests in the province, AFA and EEA are urging the BC government to hurry up and close the gaps in old-growth protection.

Canada’s Most Impressive Tree Located by Conservationists in Clayoquot Sound, BC

Conservationists on Vancouver Island with the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) have identified what may very well be Canada’s most impressive tree in a remote location in Ahousaht First Nation territory near Tofino in Clayoquot Sound, BC. The ancient redcedar measures over 17 ft (5 m) wide near its base but grows even wider as it goes up.

A man in a red jacket lays on a monumental western redcedar among hundreds of other fallen old-growth trees in a clearcut on northern Vancouver Island.

Clearcutting of Grove of Forest Giants on Northern Vancouver Island – Photos and Videos Document the Destruction

Shocking photos and drone footage reveal the destruction of rare, big-tree old-growth forests on northern Vancouver Island in Quatsino Sound, highlighting the urgent need for dedicated funding to enable both temporary logging deferrals and permanent, Indigenous-led protected areas initiatives.