In April 2020, Ancient Forest Alliance campaigner and photographer TJ Watt explored and documented old-growth logging totalling over 70 hectares along Haddon Creek in Ditidaht Territory and found monumental redcedar trees over 11 feet in diameter cut down. Some of these trees had previously been photographed by him while still standing. Without question, this is – or was – one of the grandest forests on the South Island, rivalling the renowned Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew or the Walbran Valley, which lies a short distance to the south.

We can’t continue logging globally rare ancient forests such as these and converting them to ecologically inferior tree plantations that don’t adequately replace them. Many of the trees measured in this cutblock would’ve likely qualified for protection under the BC government’s proposed Big Tree Protection Order, which they announced in July 2019 and promised would be implemented by December 2019. So far, the BC NDP has only protected 54 of BC’s biggest trees. Much more urgently needs to be done to protect monumental trees, the grandest groves, and entire old-growth forest ecosystems.


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