Conservationists are calling on the BC government to protect a 500-hectare tract of ancient Douglas-fir forest near Port Alberni that biologists have classified as both critical habitats for wintering deer and nesting endangered Queen Charlotte goshawks. Conservationists would like the BC government to protect the old-growth forest on private land on McLaughlin Ridge by purchasing it from Island Timberlands. The land was formerly protected as an Ungulate Winter Range for black-tailed deer and as a Wildlife Habitat Area for the endangered goshawk until 2004 when the BC Liberal government removed 88,000 hectares of land now owned by Island Timberlands from their Tree Farm Licenses, thus removing most environmental protections on those lands.

Island Timberlands began logging the 500-hectare tract of old-growth forest in 2013, clearcutting 100 hectares or more from both sides of the Grove, while about 400 hectares of the core area still remains – for now.

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Photography by TJ Watt.