Located in the wildest remote corner of Vancouver Island, and nestled against the legendary Brooks Peninsula, is the Klaskish Inlet.

In recent decades, this rugged area has been hit hard by clearcutting which is fragmenting the rainforest valleys of the Klaskish and East Creek, as well as the coastal forests of Heater Point in Quatsino territory. Despite that, this region still represents one of the few remaining opportunities to set aside large tracts of ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island.

The provincial government must now increase its funding to at least $300 million – which is on par with the total available funds from the federal government to expand protected areas in BC (if the province were to embrace those funds) – for Indigenous-led old-growth logging deferrals, land-use plans, and protected areas. This would include funding for Indigenous Guardians programs, offsetting the lost revenues for logging deferrals, and the sustainable economic diversification of First Nations communities in lieu of old-growth logging.

The forests of this region, and many others, depend on it for their survival.

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