In March 2020, the AFA identified a spectacular grove of ancient giants along Loup Creek near Port Renfrew in Pacheedaht territory. This region was heavily logged in the 1970s and 80s, save for a strip of old-growth along the river.

Most of the old-growth that remains today along Loup Creek is protected within an Old Growth Management Area and a Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA) for Marbled Murrelets. But a prime section containing dozens and dozens of ancient redcedars, giant amabalis fir, and Douglas-fir trees was left unprotected. We also spotted ribbons marked “Falling Boundary” and “Road Location”, indicating potential future logging plans by Teal-Jones.

The BC government is currently working to expand WHAs for Marbled Murrelets. We’ve recommended to the Ministry of Forests that this grove should be added to the adjacent WHA, ensuring a contiguous stretch of old-growth is protected along the river, but we don’t know whether they will listen.