The unprotected Eden Grove is found in the Gordon River Valley, only a 45-minute drive from Port Renfrew within the territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation. This stunning tract of towering redcedars and Douglas-firs, the largest of which trees reach over 13 feet wide, provides denning habitat for black bears, as well as foraging habitat for coastal black-tailed deer, Roosevelt elk, and elusive cougars. A short trail with boardwalk sections winds through the forest giving visitors an incredible view of one of the finest old-growth forests in the country.

Adjacent to Eden Grove stands Canada’s second largest Douglas-fir tree, ‘Big Lonely Doug’, which was once part of this contiguous ancient forest until the tree’s surrounding neighbours were clearcut in 2011. The stark image of this colossal, skyscraper-sized tree towering over a clearcut has become an icon for the fate of BC’s threatened old-growth forests and the struggle to preserve them. Though many of these irreplaceable forests have been lost, we still have the chance to protect Eden Grove and the diverse wildlife that depends on it. Its exceptional beauty and proximity to Port Renfrew, ‘Canada’s Tall-Tree Capital’, could make it a world-famous tourist destination, similar to nearby Avatar Grove, which provides significant economic benefits for the local community as well as enormous ecological values. Efforts to protect this grove remain of the highest priority.

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