Canada’s Largest Spruce Tree – The San Juan Spruce!

Oct 21, 2010 | Announcements

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San Juan Sitka Spruce

Seen here is the San Juan Spruce tree. It is Canada’s largest Sitka spruce tree and the second largest in the world! It grows on Vancouver Island alongside the San Juan River about 35 minutes from Port Renfrew, BC. The towering tree measures 38.3′ in circumference, reaches 205′ tall, and has a crown spread of 75′. By volume it contains 333 cubic meters of wood which is equal to 333 telephone poles!

Despite all of this the tree and surrounding forest has not been afforded any legislated protection from the BC Liberal government. We are calling on the province to protect the area of forest, both old-growth and second growth, from the San Juan Spruce to the nearby Red Creek fir.

GPS Location for the tree is:
lat = 48.5879222222,
lon = -124.186630556

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