Aug 8, 2022 | Photo Gallery

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On the shores of Nahwitti Lake between the towns of Holberg and Port Hardy in Tlatlasikwala & Quatsino Territory stands one of the loveliest little old-growth trails on Vancouver Island. This gentle path winds through a lush old-growth forest and features massive Sitka spruce trees that soar majestically from enchanting fields of ferns before ending at the shores of the lake. In a landscape that’s been almost entirely cleared of its ancient giants, it provides a stunning glimpse into the grand forests that once grew here.

This big tree trail could also be a major ecotourism draw – similar to Avatar Grove in Port Renfrew – and should be added to the list of must-see north island wilderness destinations such as San Josef Bay and the North Coast Trail.

To visit the trees, find the recreation site trailhead in a small parking area just off Holberg Rd on the east end of Nahwitti Lake (50.697842, -127.812370). Be sure to support local business community as well, helping them benefit from big tree tourism 🌲

Working to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry.