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While further exploring Eden Grove in Pacheedaht territory earlier this year, the AFA’s TJ Watt located another epic stand of ancient giants! The grove, located near Port Renfrew, boasts magnificent, monumental redcedars in every direction and forms a perfect, pizza-slice-like triangle. Nicknamed the “Pizza Slice” for now, it truly is a slice of heaven. ?? In early March, with the help of our friends at Expedition Old-Growth, we were able to climb and measure the grove’s biggest tree: an enormous, burly cedar that came in at 175 feet tall and nearly 14 feet wide! The “Pizza Slice,” Eden Grove, and the rest of Edinburgh Mountain’s remaining ancient forests comprise one of the most outstanding, unprotected old-growth “hotspots” on Vancouver Island, where over 96% of “big tree” forests have already been logged. Sadly, this rare, intact mountain is being chipped away at by Teal Jones, one cutblock at a time. Time is running out to save ancient forest hotspots like this one. Without immediate moratoria, the Province’s plans to develop a provincial old-growth strategy will result in a classic talk-and-log scenario. Speak up. Tell the BC NDP we urgently need immediate AND long-term solutions for old-growth:
https://www.ancientforestalliance.org/send-a-message/ Comment directly on BC Forest Minister Doug Donaldson’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/doug.donaldson.stikine/ Reach out on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DonaldsonDoug

(Note: These images were captured prior to physical distancing & travel restriction measures being put in place. Small communities like Port Renfrew are now asking people to refrain from visiting at this time.)

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