An aerial view of Nootka Island.

The ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown

The Nuchatlaht First Nations are fighting a historic land rights claim in Canada — and they are using ancient trees and famed British explorer Captain Cook's journal to help make their case.
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A photo of the Incomappleux Valley, east of Revelstoke.

Rare swath of BC rainforest set aside for permanent protection

The province has committed to protecting the still-intact swaths of rare interior temperate rainforest in the Incomappleux Valley east of Revelstoke in a deal brokered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
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Lobaria Lichen

Lobaria lichens play a crucial role in forest ecology. They are able to accomplish the rare feat of fixing atmospheric nitrogen—an essential nutrient for plant growth, though almost no organisms are able to extract it from the air. These lichens mine this precious nutrient from the atmosphere and when they fall to the forest floor and decay, that nitrogen is made available to the entire ecosystem.
A mossy big leaf maple tree with licorice ferns growing along its trunk and branches.

Licorice Ferns

The licorice fern is a dainty forest dweller primarily found growing on mossy rock faces and the trunks and mossy branches of old-growth trees, sometimes hundreds of feet above the ground in the forest canopy.

Slime Mold

Slime molds are among the oddest creatures of the rainforest. These frequently brightly coloured organisms represent an interphase between the multicellular bodies of plants and animals and the unicellular world of amoebas and other protists.

2022 Holiday Office Closure

Hello Ancient Forest Friends! Please take note: The AFA Office in Victoria will be closed from Saturday, Dec. 24th to Monday, Jan. 2nd. We will reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd with regular business…

Biodiversity agreement to protect planet reached at UN conference in Montreal

Negotiators in Montreal have finalized an agreement to halt and reverse the destruction of nature by 2030, as the COP15 United Nations Biodiversity Conference talks enter their final official day.
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Thank you to our recent business supporters!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the following businesses and individuals for generously supporting the old-growth campaign: West Coast Trail Express Inc. for their generous donation Wild…
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Old-growth activists commend BC Premier Eby on lofty land conservation goal

The Ancient Forest Alliance is commending the newly elected premier on his mandate letter to Nathan Cullen, Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship in which he outlines the expectation for the creation of new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and committing to the protection of 30% of lands the in BC by 2030.
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Conservationists optimistic over David Eby’s commitments to protect BC’s biodiversity

December 11, 2022 CBC News By Chad Pawson Land stewardship mandate letter calls for 30 per cent of BC’s land base to be protected by 2030 In mandate letters to his land stewardship and forestry…
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