TJ Watt

TJ is a Co-Founder, Campaigner, and Photographer with the Ancient Forest Alliance. Combining his passion for conservation with professional photography, TJ works to shed light on BC’s endangered ancient forests in an effort to help see them saved.

Joan Varley

Joan has been growing in the understory of the AFA since 2012 as the Administrative Director where her knowledge and skills of bookkeeping and office management compliment her love of all things natural and passion to preserve big old trees and the intricate habitat that they are a part of.

Ian Thomas

Born in Vancouver, Ian has a lifelong passion for the ecosystems and wildlife of the coastal rainforest. A biologist by training, Ian received his Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Windsor in Ontario.

Coral Forbes

Coral fell in love with big trees after visiting the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park when she was just out of High School and immediately decided that she wanted to be a “professional tree hugger” when she grew up.

Kristen Bounds

Bridging her background in journalism, creative writing and digital marketing with a passion for the natural world, Kristen has used her communications skills to advocate for the protection of the environment and the mitigation of climate change in a number of different capacities for the better part of the past decade.

Nadia Sheptycki

Nadia is a passionate visionary who believes in making the world a better place. Beginning as a canvasser with AFA in 2018, she grew deeply connected to the organization and the cause to protect BC’s endangered old-growth ecosystems.

Ken Wu

Ken Wu is the former Executive Director and co-founder of the Ancient Forest Alliance. He has worked to protect ancient forests in BC for over a quarter century, after first seeing the Walbran Valley as a teenager in 1991.

Celina Starnes

Celina has a life-long dedication to protecting diverse ecosystems. From the park behind her childhood house, to her time at the McGill School of the Environment, to her environmental work on the west coast, she is always looking to help.

Kerrie Blaise

Kerrie Blaise is an environmental lawyer, passionately dedicated to advancing environmental rights and justice. She is the founder of the non-profit, Legal Advocates for Nature's Defence, and maintains an active practice representing First Nations and grassroots groups on matters of urgent climate and environmental protection.

Hannah Carpendale

Having grown up on BC’s west coast, Hannah has nurtured a passion for old-growth forests since a young age.