World’s Largest Douglas-fir Tree – The Red Creek Fir!

Jun 8, 2011 | Announcements

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The largest Douglas-fir on Earth is the Red Creek Fir on Vancouver Island. The tree and a small surrounding stand of trees currently receive “soft” protection through an Old-Growth Management Area, but legislated “hard” protection is needed in the form of a conservancy, park, or ecological reserve that also encompasses a much larger buffer area.

More importantly, BC needs to implement a provincial old-growth strategy to end logging of our endangered old-growth forests and to ensure value-added, second-growth forestry instead.

Height: 73.8m (242′), Circumference: 13.3m (43.7′), Diameter: 4.2m (14′)

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Red Creek Fir tree near Port Renfrew, BC.

Working to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry.