Climbers scale Big Lonely Doug in Pacheedaht territory against a bluebird sky.

Financial Review: Why we should embrace tall-tree tourism

This article explores tall tree tourism in Port Renfrew, the "Tall Tree Capital of Canada," along with the economic and environmental benefits of preserving ancient forests like Avatar Grove on Vancouver Island.

AFA's TJ Watt stands in a brutal cutblock that used to be an Old-Growth Management Area.

Times Colonist: Canada’s logging industry is seeking a wildfire ‘hero’ narrative

The Times Colonist debunks BC's and Canadian forestry associations' aim to tell a story that places them as the 'hero' in a fight against BC wildfires.

A man in a blue jacket stands beside a massive old-growth cedar in a forest.

The Narwhal: Did BC keep its old-growth forest promises?

As the BC election looms, the Narwhal analyzes what progress has been made on implementing the old-growth forest recommendations and what more needs to be done.

A graphic image of the BC legislature in shades of blue, with a photo of John Rustad in the forefront.

The Narwhal: BC Conservative Leader says his party would kill ‘nonsense’ plans for new protected areas

As the BC Conservatives surge in the polls, party leader John Rustad — kicked out of the BC Liberal caucus for promoting a tweet spreading misinformation about climate change — says he would scrap the province’s pledge to create new conserved areas

A man in neon scales a record-sized Sitka spruce as the sun peaks out from behind the branches as they sprawl every which way.

Global News: Get a bird’s-eye view from one of Vancouver Island’s tallest trees

The Ancient Forest Alliance team scaled a massive 71-metre (223-foot) tall Sitka spruce in the Carmanah Valley on southwestern Vancouver Island.

CTV News: Carmanah Valley Sitka Spruce Climb

See this CTV News video coverage of AFA staff and professional arborists at Bartlett Tree Experts who locate and climb the largest Sitka spruce tree in BC’s famed Carmanah Valley.

Victoria Buzz: BC environmentalists climb and measure Carmanah Valley’s largest Sitka spruce tree

In recognition of Earth Month, members of AFA decided they would showcase one of Vancouver Island’s largest old-growth giants by climbing and measuring it, and capturing drone footage of the process.

Mowachaht/Muchalaht awarded $15 million to protect old growth and salmon

A project to protect a significant portion of Mowachaht/Muchalaht territory has been pledged $15 million from the federal government, fueling an initiative to save old growth and salmon populations in Nootka Sound over the next generation.

First Nation creating new Salmon Parks to protect fragile ecosystems

The Campbell River Mirror covers the 650² km of forest, rivers, old growth and shoreline that are to be protected by the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation.

Nature photographer discovers ancient ‘freak-of-nature’ tree hiding in plain sight: ‘I’ve never seen a tree as impressive as this one’

AFA's TJ Watt photographed one of the largest old-growth cedars ever documented off the coast of Vancouver Island and dubbed it a 'freak of nature'.