BC government’s forestry announcement fails to address old-growth crisis

The AFA reacts to the BC government's forest policy intention paper, released June 1, 2021, which fails to address the ongoing old-growth crisis.

Forestry Watchdog finds BC Timber Sales failing to protect old-growth, biodiversity in Nahmint Valley

An investigation by the Forest Practices Board - sparked by a complaint lodged by the AFA - has found that BC Timber Sales’s logging plans for the Nahmint Valley have consistently failed to comply with legally-binding land-use objectives for biodiversity protection.

Conservationists decry absence of funding for old-growth, forestry paradigm shift in BC Budget

The Ancient Forest Alliance is disappointed the NDP government’s provincial budget, released yesterday, fails to allocate funding to protect endangered old-growth forests or enact the necessary paradigm shift in BC’s forest sector.

BC not on track to meet milestones for old-growth, First Nations and forestry transition

The Ancient Forest Alliance, Sierra Club BC, and Wilderness Committee issued a report card six months after the publication of old-growth panel recommendations to assess the BC government's progress. Read on for details

Logging of massive, ancient cedars in Caycuse watershed signals urgent need for provincial action and funding for old-growth

Shocking before-and-after photos reveal destruction of irreplaceable ancient redcedars in Vancouver Island’s Caycuse watershed and highlight urgent need for immediate protection of at-risk old-growth and funding to support First Nations’ protected areas and economies.

Conservationists welcome old-growth panel report and positive first steps by BC government to address old-growth crisis

Victoria BC – The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is celebrating the BC government’s announcement today that it will defer logging in nine areas, including world-famous Clayoquot Sound, and protect some of BC’s biggest trees while it works to develop a new provincial approach to old-growth management. But they say much more work urgently needs to […]

Massive old-growth yellow cedars, including Canada’s ninth-widest, under threat in one of Vancouver Island’s last intact valleys

  Take action for ancient forests! Send an instant message to the BC government today. Rare old-growth trees in Fairy Creek headwaters near Port Renfrew, where protesters have been blockading Teal-Jones’ road building efforts since Monday, at risk of logging unless BC government intervenes. Victoria, BC – Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) have […]

Conservationists demand immediate logging moratoria in light of new research detailing dire state of BC’s old-growth forests

Take action for ancient forests! Send an instant message to the BC government today. Victoria, BC – Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) are renewing their calls for the BC government to immediately halt logging in endangered old-growth forest ecosystems and intact ‘hotspots’ in the wake of an alarming new report depicting the critical […]

Logging of BC’s grandest ancient forests continues as Old-growth Strategic Review panel submits recommendations to Province

Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance are calling for both immediate and longer-term steps to protect old-growth following the logging of some of Vancouver Island’s grandest ancient forests along Haddon Creek in the Caycuse River watershed.

Old-Growth Logging on Mountainside Above Cathedral Grove Illustrates Urgent Need for BC Land Acquisition Fund for Protection of Endangered Private Lands

Old-growth logging on private lands on the mountainside above Cathedral Grove has put Canada’s most famous old-growth forest at risk and illustrated the urgent need for provincial funding to purchase and protect endangered ecosystems on private lands.