Your call will connect you to either Premier John Horgan or Forest Minister Katrine Conroy. 

Here are the talking points again:

  1. The BC NDP promised to implement the Old Growth Strategic Review Panel’s recommendations in their entirety. This includes a commitment to work with First Nations to immediately halt logging in the most at-risk old-growth forests within six months.
  2. An independent report using the province’s own data found that less than 3% of big tree ancient forests now remain in the province and the majority of these ecosystems are still open to logging.
  3. March 11th marks six months since the panel’s report was released and yet less than 1% (3,800 hectares) of unprotected, at-risk, productive old-growth forests have been deferred.
  4. Explain why you think it’s important for them to stick to this promise (e.g. you can talk about the need to safeguard biodiversity, endangered species, First Nations’ cultures, or carbon storage values).

What to ask of the BC Government:

1) Halt logging in all at-risk old-growth forests, such as Fairy Creek and the Nahmint Valley by March 11th.

2) Commit funding to help diversify First Nations economies and create new Indigenous Protected Areas that permanently protect old-growth.

3) Support and fund the transition to a sustainable, second-growth forest industry that prioritizes value over volume. or

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