About 200 people listening intently as renowned forest ecologist Andy MacKinnon presents about old-growth forests vs. second-growth tree plantations

Earth Week Event 2023

Thanks to all 200 of you who attended our Earth Week event in late April at St. Mary’s Church in Metchosin. Together, we raised almost $2000 through donations and sales, all of which will go toward protecting the remaining endangered ancient forests of BC!


Happy Earth Day from the AFA!

Happy Earth Day from AFA! ? Here's what the Earth Day 2023 theme, "Invest in Our Planet", means to us.

A man with grey hair and a beard stands in front of a massive old-growth tree wearing a puffy Patagonia vest and neon green t-shirt. Beside him on the right is a photo of another man with red hair and a beard wearing a teal Ancient Forest Alliance t-shirt, also standing in an old-growth forest.

Earth Week Event with Andy MacKinnon & TJ Watt – Wed. April 19th

Please join us for a free night of insightful presentations and a special photo show on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 from 7–9pm to celebrate Earth Week.