The Guardian: ‘A distressing reality’: our beautiful planet under threat – in pictures

Ancient Forest Alliance photographer TJ Watt's award-winning image of a giant old-growth cedar on Flores Island in Clayoquot Sound was also featured in The Guardian alongside the other winning images from the Earth Photo 2024 contest.

CNN: Striking photos show how our planet is changing – for better and for worse

A photograph of a solitary man walking along terraces in China, rust-red rivers in Alaska and a gargantuan western red cedar are among the winning images of the Earth Photo 2024 competition. The award – created in 2018 by Forestry England, the UK’s Royal Geographic Society and visual arts consultancy Parker Harris – aims to showcase the beauty of our planet, as well as the threats it is facing, from climate change to toxic pollution.

A giant redcedar tree on Flores Island. Ahousaht Hereditary Representative Tyson Atleo stands at its base.

Times Colonist: Photo of old-growth cedar tree on Flores Island wins international award

An image of a massive western red cedar towering over an Ahousaht hereditary leader has won an award in the Royal Geographical Society’s Earth Photo 2024 competition. Titled Flores Island Cedar, the photo shows Tyson Atleo standing at the base of a western red cedar that’s estimated to be more than 1,000 years old.

A giant redcedar tree on Flores Island. Ahousaht Hereditary Representative Tyson Atleo stands at its base.

Photo of Giant Old-Growth Cedar Wins Prestigious International Award

Ancient Forest Alliance Photographer TJ Watt awarded Royal Geographical Society Earth Photo 2024 prize for Image of the Enormous Tree in Clayoquot Sound, Canada, featured on CNN and in The Guardian. The award coincides with the largest old-growth protected areas victory in decades announced earlier this week in Clayoquot Sound.

Clayoquot – Biggest Old-Growth Protected Areas Victory in Decades

Conservationists are applauding the leadership of the Ahousaht, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and BC NDP government for yesterday declaring the protection of 76,000 hectares of land in new conservancies in Clayoquot Sound near Tofino.

Nature photographer discovers ancient ‘freak-of-nature’ tree hiding in plain sight: ‘I’ve never seen a tree as impressive as this one’

AFA's TJ Watt photographed one of the largest old-growth cedars ever documented off the coast of Vancouver Island and dubbed it a 'freak of nature'.

The Independent: Rare tree hunter in Canada finds ‘freak of nature’ 1,000-year-old cedar

An explorer who focuses on location and preserving old-growth trees has encountered what is one of the oldest old-growth trees ever documented in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

1,000 year old tree found on Flores Island to be protected

Nearly two decades into his hunt for B.C.’s biggest trees, it takes a lot to blow away Ancient Forest Alliance campaigner and National Geographic explorer TJ Watt. A tree on Flores Island has done just that.

BC big tree hunter documents grandest old-growth tree he’s ever seen

TJ Watt says Western red cedar near Tofino is a 46-metre-tall leviathan of a biodiverse ecosystem.

VIDEO: Canada’s most impressive tree?

Check out this video on CTV News covering what we believe to be the most impressive tree in Canada.