International Day of Forests: Conservation groups alarmed that BC is backsliding on Old-Growth Forest Policy Progress

AFA and EEA are concerned the BC government is backsliding on its previous policy progress to ensure a paradigm shift in the management of old-growth forests in BC.

Conservation Groups Urge BC Government to Hurry Up and Close Gaps in Old-Growth Protection

On the three-year anniversary of the BC government’s acceptance of the Old-Growth Strategic Review Panel’s 14 recommendations to ensure a “paradigm shift” in the conservation and management of old-growth forests in the province, AFA and EEA are urging the BC government to hurry up and close the gaps in old-growth protection.

Scouler’s Corydalis

Beautiful and extremely rare in Canada, the Scouler’s corydalis is found only on southwest Vancouver Island around the Nitinat, Carmanah, and Klanawa valleys in Ditidaht and Huu-ay-aht territories.

Motion for Old-Growth Fund & Export Ban Introduced by MP Patrick Weiler

MP Patrick Weiler Introduces Motion to Launch the $82 million Old-Growth Protection Fund and to End Old-Growth Log and Wood Product Exports in Canada.

Redwood Sorrel

  Looking like an oversized clover, the redwood sorrel (oxalis oregana) is one of BC’s loveliest and rarest rainforest plants, found only in a few scattered sites on Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii. Because they have adapted to live on the shady forest floor, these plants are actually light-sensitive and will fold their leaves to […]

NGO report card: One year after BC promised action, logging continues in almost all at-risk old-growth forests

One year after the B.C. government shared its Old-Growth Strategic Review (OGSR) report and Premier John Horgan committed to implementing all of the panel’s recommendations, Ancient Forest Alliance, Sierra Club BC and Wilderness Committee have released a report card assessing the province’s progress on their promise to protect old-growth forests.  

Logging in the Klanawa Valley: “World’s best forestry practices”?

These recent images from the Klanawa Valley highlight the brutal impacts of clearcut logging on Vancouver Island.

B.C.’s old-growth forest nearly eliminated, new provincewide mapping reveals

Our friends at Conservation North released shocking new interactive maps that illustrate just how little old-growth forest remains across BC after decades of industrial activity.

Logging change: old-growth harvesting has deep roots on Vancouver Island, but how long can it last?

Capital DailyJanuary 31, 2021 Logging-dependent communities are facing an existential threat from what conservationists and First Nations say is an overdue change to forestry practices. If there’s a stand of ancient trees anywhere on Vancouver Island, chances are TJ Watt has seen and photographed it. Watt is cofounder of Ancient Forest Alliance, which has taken […]

Where do BC’s Major Political Parties Stand on Old-Growth Logging and Related Issues?

We've prepared a summary of where each of BC's three major parties stand on old-growth and related issues and given each party a grade to help voters make informed decisions this election.