Old-growth logging in 2017 - Edinburgh Mt

VIDEO: What Will it Take to Save BC’s Old-Growth Forests?

This film is the final in our series commemorating the 25-year anniversary of the Clayoquot Sound protests and presents an overview of the key issues relating to BC's old-growth forests and the solutions urgently needed to protect them. These solutions, including science-based old-growth protection legislation; policies that ensure sustainable, value-added second-growth forestry; and support for First Nations’ sustainable economic diversification, are entirely possible, but require political will from the NDP government and support from British Columbians from all walks of life.

VIDEO: Old-Growth Forests vs. Second-Growth Plantations: The Differences

"Trees grow back! As long as we replant the trees, why shouldn't we cut down the old-growth forests?" This is a common contention, which is addressed in this latest video by filmmaker Darryl Augustine about some of the key differences between BC's old-growth forests and the ensuing second-growth tree plantations that they're being replaced with.