Victoria Buzz: BC environmentalists climb and measure Carmanah Valley’s largest Sitka spruce tree

In recognition of Earth Month, members of AFA decided they would showcase one of Vancouver Island’s largest old-growth giants by climbing and measuring it, and capturing drone footage of the process.

Conservationists locate and climb the largest Sitka spruce tree in BC’s famed Carmanah Valley

Spectacular drone footage and photos reveal climbers more than 20 stories in the air in the “hydra-like” canopy of an old-growth Sitka spruce, highlighting the incredible grandeur of old-growth forests in British Columbia during Earth Week.

CHEK News: BC signs ‘historic’ $1B agreement to protect lands and waters

In a historic agreement between the federal and provincial governments, over $1 billion has been allocated to protect 30% of BC’s lands and waters by 2030.

A sea of green old-growth in the Central Walbran Valley

Recent Updates on Old-Growth Deferrals in BC

Great news — the logging deferral in the Central Walbran valley was extended last year until March 2024 and the deferral at Fairy Creek has now been extended as well until February 2025.

The Ancient Tree Hunter

There are no trails in the old-growth coastal temperate rainforests of Canada’s southern Vancouver Island. As I follow TJ Watt through another grabby thicket of stink currant, I offer silent thanks that I’m not the one lugging the camera equipment.

Ending Horgan’s War against Old Growth

The Tyee - Old-growth conservation veteran and Order of Canada recipient Vicky Husband has written a scathing assessment of John Horgan's failure to halt BC's old-growth and biodiversity crisis

These are monumental steps’: BC government approves old-growth logging deferral on Vancouver Island

CTV News Vancouver Island - The BC NDP has approved the Pacheedaht, Ditidaht and Huu-ay-aht First Nations' request to defer logging in Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran Valley for two years.

Pacheedaht First Nation tells BC to defer old-growth logging in Fairy Creek

The Narwhal - The Pacheedaht, Ditidaht, & Huu-ay-aht First Nations formally gave notice to the BC government to defer old-growth logging for two years in the Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran Valleys while they prepare resource stewardship plans for their territories.

Falling fast

Here's a great article in McLean's magazine that traces the decades-long line of the War in the Woods from the 80s & 90s to today's blockades to protect the last remnant patches of BC's ancient forests and the failure of the BC government to act on the Old Growth Panel recommendations.

Logging change: old-growth harvesting has deep roots on Vancouver Island, but how long can it last?

Capital DailyJanuary 31, 2021 Logging-dependent communities are facing an existential threat from what conservationists and First Nations say is an overdue change to forestry practices. If there’s a stand of ancient trees anywhere on Vancouver Island, chances are TJ Watt has seen and photographed it. Watt is cofounder of Ancient Forest Alliance, which has taken […]