Feb 1, 2013 | Take Action

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The threatened Mountain Caribou – kin to Santa’s reindeer – is about to become even more threatened if forestry giant Canadian Forest Products is allowed to log in the Upper Clearwater Valley adjacent to Wells Gray Provincial Park.

A pending proposal by Canfor to salvage log beetle-killed Lodgepole Pine near Wells Gray would not only kibosh any spontaneous recovery the park’s resident Mountain Caribou might have in store, it would also further stress a herd already in serious decline.

That’s the message recently sent in a letter to Mr. Terry Lake, B.C. Minister of Environment and MLA for the North Thompson, by the Wells Gray World Heritage Committee (WGWHC), a group dedicated to furthering the candidacy of British Columbia’s fourth largest wilderness park for designation as a World Heritage Site.

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Please visit the Wells Gray World Heritage website to read the full details of the situation and see great photos and maps of the area.

Click the Action! tab for a sample letter to Terry Lake, B.C.’s Minister of Environment and MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson and Steve Thomson, B.C.’s Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

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