Cathedral Grove at risk from old growth logging uphill from popular site, say conservationists

Here's a CBC News article about clearcut logging of ancient forest "hotspot", Mt. Horne, located above Canada's most famous old-growth forest, Cathedral Grove.

Old-Growth Logging on Mountainside Above Cathedral Grove Illustrates Urgent Need for BC Land Acquisition Fund for Protection of Endangered Private Lands

Old-growth logging on private lands on the mountainside above Cathedral Grove has put Canada’s most famous old-growth forest at risk and illustrated the urgent need for provincial funding to purchase and protect endangered ecosystems on private lands.

From left: Ancient Forest Alliance volunteer Nathaniel Glickman

Magnificent Old-Growth Forest found on Vancouver Island; 11 foot wide, near-record size Sitka spruce towers in “FernGully Grove”

The Ancient Forest Alliance has located one of the finest and last unprotected stands of old-growth Sitka spruce groves on Vancouver Island, located near Port Renfrew. Nicknamed the “FernGully Grove” for its dense and extensive understory of ferns, it is located on lands owned by TimberWest corporation, in the territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation people, and is just a 10 minute drive from the town of Port Renfrew – a town that has been billed as the “Tall Tree Capital of Canada.”

Avatar Grove Boardwalk: Preliminary Phase Complete – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

THANKS to your support, we've raised over $12,000 in 2014 so far and have now completed the basic, preliminary phase of the boardwalk, including including vital bridges, steps, tree-viewing platforms, and walkways over several sensitive, steep, slippery and wet sections. This is an incredible improvement from before and one that has been enjoyed by thousands of people already from all across the world. If you've yet to visit the grove since the work began, now's a great time to do so! Funding Still Needed for 2015 Upgrades..

Earth Day Conservation Vision: Conservationists Propose Expanded Protection around World-Famous Cathedral Grove as Island Timberlands Poised to Log Mountainside Above Park

Conservationists call on BC government to expand protection around Cathedral Grove, including Mount Horne, the scenic Cameron Lake, the Alberni Summit Highway, and the Cameron River Canyon, as Island Timberlands is poised to log Mount Horne above the world-famous old-growth forest.

VIDEO: Cathedral Grove under threat?

In this coverage of the Cathedral Grove controversy, take note that only 1% of old-growth Coastal Douglas-fir trees remain in all ecosystem types across the coast (i.e. they are not only scarce in the "Coastal Douglas Fir" biogeoclimatic zone which Island Timberlands seems to imply, but in the Dry Maritime subzone of the Coastal Western Hemlock zone where Cathedral Grove lies and in other forest types...) and that the planned protection as Ungulate Winter Range for black-tailed deer in the areas now being logged or roaded by Island Timberlands was supposed to be followed up by provincial legislation - but the lands were removed from the TFL and the company and BC government failed to follow-up with an agreement to ensure these areas' protection.

Logging Around Cathedral Grove Highlights Need For Forestry Engagement

MLA Andrew Weaver speaks up for Cathedral Grove's protection: "The decision to log the stand owned by Island Timberlands, adjacent to Cathedral Grove, goes against the idea of using a scientific approach to managing our forests. Identified previously as important Black-tailed Deer wintering habitat, the fracturing of this habitat will have adverse effects. Furthermore, Cathedral Grove is an iconic tourist attraction on Vancouver Island – it is unsurprising that there has been such a public backlash against logging activity so close by. This is an example of the current conflict driven model of forestry management – and the negative impacts it has on everyone involved."

SEND a MESSAGE website to protect the forests around Cathedral Grove

We've launched a new SEND a MESSAGE website to protect the forests around Cathedral Grove against Island Timberlands' old-growth logging plans, and to protect old-growth forests across BC. Please take 20 seconds to add your voice, and please SHARE - already 1100 people have sent messages in less than 24 hours since we launched the site!  

Flagged as ‘critical’ to deer habitat, area near Cathedral Grove was turned over to logging

"Decade-old government documents show that an area being logged near Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island was identified by Ministry of Environment biologists as critical winter habitat for deer that had to be protected. Environmental groups have been protesting the logging in recent weeks, arguing that a 40-hectare patch on Mt. Horne is an important wildlife corridor. But Island Timberlands is permitted to log there because the government took the land out of Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 44 in 2004, putting it under a private land management regime that allows the company to decide what’s best for wildlife."

Old-growth forest near Cathedral Grove to be logged, groups fear

"Scott Fraser, NDP MLA for Alberni-Pacific Rim, said that when the land went to Island Timberlands, the agreement was cast aside. “These areas were supposed to be left,” said Fraser, who has been working since 2006 to protect the land, including the Port Alberni watershed. “I have so many outraged constituents, including retired loggers who have never seen this kind of forest activity.”


Cathedral Grove Canyon Cliff

Cathedral Grove Canyon

Island Timberlands owns the land adjacent to the famed Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park near Port Alberni, including the spectacular Cathedral Grove Canyon along the Cameron River where giant old-growth Douglas firs and redcedars grow. Old-growth trees that were marked for potential logging have been put on hold due to a public outcry, but […]