A turquoise ocean splashes against craggy rocks with lush, green old-growth forest and blue-hued mountains in the background.

Earth Month Contest: Prints for Forest Protection!

To honour Earth Month, we’re hosting a PRINT GIVEAWAY to help protect endangered ancient forests in BC! All you need to do to enter is Send a Message to the BC government using our recently UPDATED take-action tool!

Red-Legged Frog

The red-legged frog is a beautiful and secretive inhabitant of the coastal rainforest.

Hundreds of pink Fairy Puke globes scattered across a mint green carpet.

Fairy Puke Lichen

Among the myriad lichens that adorn and encrust the coastal rainforest, few are as striking as Icmadophila ericetorum. This mint-green carpet speckled with tiny pink globes is known as “peppermint drop lichen” or “candy lichen” to some, but in British Columbia, most prefer the evocative nickname “fairy puke lichen” to capture its unique blend of the sickly and the fanciful.