The Canadian Press: Poor data hinders B.C. old-growth logging deferrals, advocates say

Irreplaceable ancient forests that should meet criteria for interim protection are being left open to logging in British Columbia due to outdated and inaccurate government data, advocates and an ecologist who advised the province say.

Ancient Forests Under Threat After Being Missed for Logging Deferral Due to Government Data Errors

Ancient Forest Alliance is highlighting the urgent need for the BC government to proactively identify what are likely thousands of hectares of at-risk old-growth forests that were missed during the deferral process due to forest inventory errors.

A man in a blue jacket stands beside a fallen western redcedar.

Old-growth cedars harvested because of database errors, says environmental group

AFA is urging the province to make changes to its forest mapping process after documenting a recent clear cut on northern Vancouver Island.

A man in a blue jacket stands inside the base of a logged western redcedar in the middle of a massive clearcut on northern Vancouver Island.

The Guardian: Images of felled ancient tree a ‘gut-punch’, old-growth experts say

Shocking photos of chopped-down tree in western Canada highlights flaws in plan to protect forest from loggers, activists say.

A man in a red jacket stands beside the base of a fallen western redcedar among a giant clearcut of hundreds other old-growth trees.

Ancient Forest Alliance renews call for provincial funds to defer old-growth logging

The Ancient Forest Alliance is renewing its call on the BC government to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to protect old-growth forests.