**DEADLINE OCT 31st!** Help Establish a new South Okanagan Similkameen National Park – Please SEND a MESSAGE now!

The Province of B.C. recently announced a new proposed conservation framework, including national park designation, for the South Okanagan-Similkameen Valleys and they have invited public comments until October 31. This is wonderful news! And now we need to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a national park here.Please take the time to SEND a MESSAGE to let the province know what makes this area special to you, and why this deserves the highest level of protection - especially by including Area 2 in the national park.Go to: https://sosnationalpark.wordpress.com/

Forest Giveaway Plan for Timber Companies Threatens BC’s Public Forest Lands! Please SPEAK UP Now – May 30 noon Deadline!

In April, the BC Liberal government revived their proposal to allow major logging companies to receive exclusive logging rights over vast areas of public forest lands through the expansion of Tree Farm Licences. Despite being killed by widespread public opposition in 2013, they’ve resurrected this “forest giveaway scheme” like a zombie, in a bid to increase property rights for timber corporations on our public lands. These lands are vital for wildlife, recreation, scenery, clean water, wild salmon, First Nations, and small forestry operators.Go to www.BCForestMovement.com and see here for more ways to speak up!  

SEND a MESSAGE website to protect the forests around Cathedral Grove

We've launched a new SEND a MESSAGE website to protect the forests around Cathedral Grove against Island Timberlands' old-growth logging plans, and to protect old-growth forests across BC.Please take 20 seconds to add your voice, and please SHARE - already 1100 people have sent messages in less than 24 hours since we launched the site!  https://www.savecathedralgrove.com/  

Petition to protect Old Growth Cedar in the Duncan River Area

Local activists are working to help save endangered old-growth redcedar trees in the Duncan River area near Kaslo, BC. Sign the petition here: www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/bc-timber-sales-stop-cutting-old-growth-cedar-in-the-duncan-river-area “Located 58 km from the nearest highway, stands a grove of just under a 1000 trees. The last of the  old growth cedars left up the “Duncan”. Situated between the Duncan […]

Petition to protect the old-growth forests, ecological integrity and scenic viewsheds of the Discovery Islands!

Clearcut logging is destroying coastal communities in British Columbia. You can help: https://bit.ly/ZSZ7fJ

NDP Leader Adrian Dix

URGENT- Strong Old-Growth Commitment Needed from BC’s NDP – Speak Up Now!

Last week the BC NDP mentioned in their Main Election Platform that they will "protect valuable old-growth forests", though they have not yet specified key details like "how much", "where", or "when". Previously, the NDP's Forestry Platform and their initial Environment Platform made no mention of old-growth forests or sustainable forestry, so this is a step forward for the party. What is needed now is a stronger commitment for a comprehensive, science-based old-growth protection plan that will fully end old-growth logging in endangered ecosystems and regions of BC.

Old-growth logging near the Avatar Grove on Vancouver Island.

NEW Old-Growth Protection Act! SEND a MESSAGE to the NDP-Government-in-Waiting

A proposed BC “Old-Growth Protection Act” has just been released by the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria. The science-based plan would incorporate timelines to immediately end or quickly phase-out old-growth logging in endangered regions of BC.

URGENT: STOP the BC Liberal Government’s Proposed Forest Giveaway THIS WEEK!

SEND a MESSAGE ASAP to BC's politicians to rescind the TFL expansion bill at: www.BCForestMovement.com The BC Liberal government proposes new law to expand Tree Farm Licences (TFL's) to give major companies exclusive logging rights over vast areas of public forest lands - to the detriment of conservation, communities, and First Nations.

Mountain Caribou

Mountain Caribou Alert: Call to Action!

The Mountain Caribou is heading to the brink. Before we log the Clearwater Valley, let's consider the consequences. Please join the call for a moratorium.

Echo Lake and the surrounding ancient forests.

Echo Lake Ancient Forest – Follow-Up Letters Needed! Please WRITE!

These unprotected forests are within a Woodlot License, a smaller logging tenure on Crown lands, which the BC government states is not subject to the creation of new Old-Growth Management Areas. However, it is within the government's power to shift the Woodlot License boundaries to another second-growth forest area among the thousands of hectares of Crown lands in the region.