URGENT: STOP the BC Liberal Government’s Proposed Forest Giveaway THIS WEEK!

Mar 10, 2013 | Take Action

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SEND a MESSAGE ASAP to BC’s politicians to rescind the TFL expansion bill at: www.BCForestMovement.com
The BC Liberal government proposes new law to expand Tree Farm Licences (TFL’s) to give major companies exclusive logging rights over vast areas of public forest lands – to the detriment of conservation, communities, and First Nations.
NOTE: The proposed bill could go through its critical 2nd reading THIS WEEK.
Also PLEASE COME to the Sat., Mar. 16 “RALLY for ANCIENT FORESTS and BC FORESTRY JOBS” in Victoria to send the strongest message to BC’s politicians – and recruit as many friends and family to attend! (11:30am Centennial Square, 12:00 noon Legislature, Victoria – see above website for details)
Also WRITE your own personal email to Minister of Forests Steve Thomson ([email protected]), Legislature House Leader Mike de Jong ([email protected]).
and to your own provincial MLA representative for your riding, who you can find at:  https://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm  

Recently, the BC Liberal government introduced a bill that, if passed into law, could be used to massively expand private property-like rights for major logging companies on BC’s public forest lands and on unceded First Nations lands. The proposed law, included within a larger omnibus bill, Bill 8, would empower BC’s Forest Minister to readily create new Tree Farm Licences (TFL’s) that give exclusive logging rights over large expanses of Crown lands to major companies who currently have “volume-based” logging rights (ie. in cubic metres of wood). This undemocratic, anti-environmental proposal could increase the claims to compensation – to be paid for by BC’s taxpayers – by major logging companies in light of future conservation designations and First Nations treaty settlements.

It’s key to tell the BC Liberal government to delete section 24 (the part with the TFL expansion proposal) of Bill 8, because the proposed law would:
  1. Undermine forest protections for wildlife, scenery, water quality, and recreation, by making it more difficult and expensive to create new protected areas.
  2. Further entrench the current unsustainable rate of overcutting taking place in BC’s forests.
  3. Make First Nations treaty settlement on their unceded lands more difficult, lengthy and expensive.
  4. Privatize forest inventories into the hands of logging companies.
  5. Result in more locked gates and obstructions to forest recreationists.
Next week, the BC Liberals are planning to introduce Bill 8 for its second reading – a critical phase toward’s the bill’s passage. They must be STOPPED and convinced to delete section 24.
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SEND a MESSAGE to STOP this PROPOSAL at: www.BCForestMovement.com  and come out to our March 16 forest rally in Victoria (details on website).



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