A turquoise ocean splashes against craggy rocks with lush, green old-growth forest and blue-hued mountains in the background.

Earth Month Contest: Prints for Forest Protection!

To honour Earth Month, we’re hosting a PRINT GIVEAWAY to help protect endangered ancient forests in BC! All you need to do to enter is Send a Message to the BC government using our recently UPDATED take-action tool!

A male Williamson's Sapsucker clinging to a Pine Tree

Sapsucker housing crisis: endangered woodpecker ‘condos’ are being clear cut

Almost two decades after the Williamson’s sapsucker was listed as endangered under Canada’s Species at Risk Act, the BC government continues to sanction logging in the bird’s old-growth forest critical habitat.

Two northern spotted owls sit side-by-side on a branch

BC extends ban on old-growth logging for two years to assist endangered spotted owl’s recovery

On Friday, the province announced it had extended the suspension of old-growth logging activity in the Fraser Canyon's Spuzzum and Utzilus watersheds for two more years to help with the recovery of the critically endangered spotted owl.

An aerial shot of a clearcut in the Caycuse Watershed in Ditidaht Territory.

Conservationists decry lack of funding to protect old-growth forests despite major provincial budget surplus and ecological crisis in the woods

Still needed is short-term funding for First Nations to offset lost logging revenues from accepting logging deferrals as well as long-term conservation financing to develop sustainable economic alternatives to old-growth logging linked to the creation of new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas.

Red-Legged Frog

The red-legged frog is a beautiful and secretive inhabitant of the coastal rainforest.

Hundreds of pink Fairy Puke globes scattered across a mint green carpet.

Fairy Puke Lichen

Among the myriad lichens that adorn and encrust the coastal rainforest, few are as striking as Icmadophila ericetorum. This mint-green carpet speckled with tiny pink globes is known as “peppermint drop lichen” or “candy lichen” to some, but in British Columbia, most prefer the evocative nickname “fairy puke lichen” to capture its unique blend of the sickly and the fanciful.

An aerial view of Nootka Island.

The ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown

The Nuchatlaht First Nations are fighting a historic land rights claim in Canada — and they are using ancient trees and famed British explorer Captain Cook's journal to help make their case.

Province uses best available science to identify and partially defer logging of at-risk old-growth, critical funding measures still missing

  VICTORIA (Unceded Lekwungen Territories) – Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) commend a BC government announcement made today releasing independent scientific mapping of BC’s endangered old-growth forests, and in principle accepting recommendations to defer logging in 2.6 million hectares of at-risk old-growth forests. The province has also immediately deferred all future BC Timber […]

Old-growth in contentious Fairy Creek region could be worth more standing than logged

Canada's National Observer- A new economic study shows ancient trees in the contentious Fairy Creek region on southern Vancouver Island are worth considerably more standing to nearby communities than if they were cut down.

New economic report highlights need for funding to support Indigenous-led old-growth protection and sustainable economic development.

The Ancient Forest Alliance has released a report that considers the economic implications of protecting old-growth forests when taking ecosystem services like carbon storage, recreation, tourism, salmon habitat, and other values into account. The study, which took 2.5 years to complete, uses old-growth forests near Port Renfrew, in the territories of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht […]